Scottish Commission on Social Security: Complaints Handling Procedure

Customer Facing Complaints Handling Procedure

What can I complain about?

3) You can complain about things like:

  • failure or refusal to provide a service
  • inadequate quality or standard of service, or an unreasonable delay in providing a service
  • dissatisfaction with one of our policies or its impact on the individual
  • failure to properly apply law, procedure or guidance when delivering services
  • failure to follow the appropriate administrative process
  • conduct, treatment by or attitude of a member of staff or contractor (except where there are arrangements in place for the contractor to handle the complaint themselves); or a Commissioner
  • disagreement with a decision, (except where there is a statutory procedure for challenging that decision, or an established appeals process followed throughout the sector).

4) Your complaint may involve more than one Scottish Commission on Social Security service or be about someone working on our behalf.

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