Business Plan 2022-2023

Scottish Commission on Social Security's business plan covering the period of April 2022 to March 2023.

Our Stakeholder Approach

We will continue to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders nationally and locally across sectors and across the UK to work closely with a wide range of participants to help us deliver our priorities as efficiently and effectively.

Our collaboration with others informs and enriches our work, its quality and impact. The value of engagement with stakeholders also provides an opportunity to increase understanding of what we do and raise awareness of our functions and the positive impact our work has on the Scottish social security system. Similarly it provides a platform for interested parties to influence and add value to the shape and design of Scottish benefits.

We are aware of the value of seeking views from a wide and diverse audience, capturing different perspectives, expertise and experience to ensure the best results. We aim to achieve this by;

  • Exploring different avenues of accessing stakeholder input in ways which are timely, accessible efficient and add value to the work being delivered by SCoSS.
  • Seeking opportunities to engage with key stakeholders and those with lived experience to promote wider understanding, opportunities for input and generate feedback that will contribute to our continuous improvement.
  • Developing and maintaining a regular programme of positive engagement with existing stakeholders which support and inform delivery of our ongoing work.
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