Draft Winter Heating Assistance (Low Income) (Scotland) Regulations 2022: scrutiny report

The Scottish Commission on Social Security's scrutiny report on the draft Winter Heating Assistance (Low Income) (Scotland) Regulations 2022

Annex 1 – Scrutiny timeline

7 June 2022Draft Regulations formally referred to SCoSS by the Minister for Social Security and Local Government.
10 June 2022Scrutiny approach shared for consideration by the Board.
15 June 2022Secretariat met with Scottish Government officials to discuss the scrutiny checklist.
15 June 2022Initial questions sent to Scottish Government officials.
27 June 2022Answers received to initial questions sent to Scottish Government officials.
27 June 2022Ad hoc Board meeting on the Regulations.
6 July 2022Agreement of questions for stakeholders.
6 July 2022External stakeholders consultation began.
27 July 2022External stakeholders responses received.
4 August 2022SCoSS board meeting discussed draft report.
8 August 2022Further questions sent to Social Government officials.
23 August 2022Ad hoc meeting to discuss final report, observations and recommendations.
29 August 2022SCoSS report signed off and laid.
29 August 2022SCoSS website publication of report.
29 August 2022Feedback to stakeholders on their input.
November 2022 (tbc)Regulations laid in Parliament.
TBCSocial Justice and Social Security Committee reviews and makes recommendation to Parliament.
TBCSCoSS reviews impact of report and learning points.
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