Framework Document

Framework document between the Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS) and the Scottish Government, setting out the broad framework within which SCoSS operates.


SCoSSis an independent advisory Non-Departmental Public Body (“NDPB”). Its primary purpose is to provide scrutiny of the Scottish social security system (including benefit regulations). SCoSS was established on 21 January 2019 as per section 21 of the Act.

The Act sets out a key role for SCoSS in providing independent scrutiny on legislative proposals and advice to Scottish Ministers to support them in achieving a social security service which is human rights based, respects the dignity of individuals and contributes to reducing poverty in Scotland.

SCoSS’s statutory functions, under section 22 of the Act, are to:

  • scrutinise legislative proposals on social security in accordance with section 97 of the Act;
  • prepare and submit reports to the Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Parliament on any matter relating to social security that Ministers or the Scottish Parliament request the Commission to report on;
  • prepare and submit reports, from time to time, to Ministers and the Scottish Parliament providing an assessment of the extent to which Social Security Charter expectations are being met and provide recommendations for improvements if SCoSS assesses that expectations within the Scottish Social Security Charter are not being met.
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