Business Plan 2021-2022

Scottish Commission on Social Security's business plan covering the period April 2021 to March 2022.

Our Strategic Objectives – 2021/2022

Our objectives set out what we aim to achieve as SCoSS an independent body, whilst contributing to the NPF, Programme for Government and COVID-19 impact.

Our Objectives

1. We provide expert, independent and evidence-based scrutiny that is informed by human rights and the social security principles.

2. We aim to ensure, where possible, our work involves people who have lived experience of the social security system and organisations with an interest in social security. It is critical for us to take account of differing perspectives and involve people who have real experience and understanding of social security assistance in their daily lives.

3. We aim to help the Scottish Ministers, Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament develop effective regulations that meet policy goals and deliver on expectations in the social security charter, to maximise support to people who rely on Scottish social security.

4. We want people to understand how our decisions are made and are transparent about the way we make decisions.

5. We will aim to provide material on our website which is clear and accessible.

6. Spend public money effectively and efficiently, and ensure that we deliver on all our corporate responsibilities where these are fully within our control.

7. Provide input and evidence to the Social Justice and Social Security Committee during their scrutiny period of draft regulations.

8. Embed a continuous improvement approach to the way in which we operate, supported by a fully resourced secretariat.

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