Business Plan 2024-25

Scottish Commission on Social Security's business plan covering the period of April 2024 to March 2025.

Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives set out what we do to achieve our purpose of scrutinising social security regulations and reporting on the social security charter.  Our strategic objectives for 2024-25 are—

  • We will provide expert, independent and evidence-based scrutiny of draft social security regulations that is driven by the social security principles and human rights.
  • We will provide independent challenge and advice on whether people are getting the service from the social security system that the Social Security Charter says they should expect.
  • We will work alongside Scottish Ministers, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament as well as other key stakeholders, such as people with lived experience, to ensure our work constructively supports the development of a Scottish social security system based on dignity, fairness and respect.
  • We will make engagement with people with lived experience of the Scottish social security system and engagement with other stakeholders central to our scrutiny.
  • We will be transparent about how we make our decisions and make our information accessible and inclusive.
  • We will make the improvements to how we work that were recommended by the independent review of SCoSS, making sure we can deliver statutory functions within our budget.
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