Business Plan 2024-25

Scottish Commission on Social Security's business plan covering the period of April 2024 to March 2025.


We are happy to introduce the Scottish Commission on Social Security’s (SCoSS’s) business plan which sets out our strategic objectives and what we plan to do in 2024-25 to meet these objectives.

In the five years since SCoSS was set up, our work has focused on providing independent scrutiny of draft regulations which set up the 13 benefits that Social Security Scotland is now delivering. In the year ahead, SCoSS expects to scrutinise draft regulations for the next benefits to transfer from the UK to Scotland – Winter Fuel Payment which will become Pension Age Winter Heating Payment, and Disability Living Allowance for adults. The Social Security (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill progressing through Parliament, includes proposals to expand the range of draft regulations that will fall within SCoSS’s remit. These proposals follow recommendations from the independent review of SCoSS and are a welcome enhancement to scrutiny. We will be reviewing how we work to make sure our processes are fully effective to deliver an expanded remit.

Alongside Social Security Scotland’s enormous task of delivering new benefits and taking over awards transferred from the DWP, there is also a continual focus on looking for ways to improve the system, making sure it delivers with dignity and respect. SCoSS has a role in advising on whether people are getting the service they are entitled to expect under ‘Our Charter’. In the coming years, SCoSS will develop this role. We plan to expand how we learn from people with experience of the Scottish social security system so that lived experience is at the heart of our independent advice.

The independent review of SCoSS recommended streamlined governance procedures. We look forward to implementing these including, subject to the Bill before Parliament, adapting to the removal of the requirement for externally audited annual accounts.

SCoSS is able to provide effective advice thanks to the expertise of our members and the unflagging support of our secretariat. We look forward to building the team with recruitment getting underway for a new Chair and permanent member. Finally, we are grateful to the many stakeholders whose contributions are so valuable to informing our scrutiny.

Judith Paterson and Dr Mark Simpson, Interim Co-Chairs, Scottish Commission on Social Security

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