Annual Report and Accounts for year ended 2021-22

Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS) annual report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 2022.

1. Chair’s statement and overview of the performance report

I am pleased to present the third annual report and accounts for the Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS), covering the financial year 2021-2022.

Like every organisation in the country, SCoSS’s workload and timetables have been disrupted by the continuing effects of the Covid pandemic which have resulted in a ‘new normal’ way of online working.

Despite the longer-term disruption that Covid is still causing, we have continued to produce important and valuable reports that contribute to improving the Scottish social security system. The performance report demonstrates how we have performed in relation to the vision and values described in our 2021-22 Business Plan, and on our statutory roles.

SCoSS is still a relatively new body and, aside from Covid, has faced particular challenges in this reporting year. These include the unforeseen frequency and quantity of regulations that have been referred to us for scrutiny, resourcing constraints in our Secretariat and the requirements imposed by our constitution. In that context, and as the devolved social security programme starts to shift from safe and secure transition towards a period of review and reshaping, it is timely for a root and branch review of SCoSS to be carried out. This is now underway.

Our performance report provides examples of how we have taken action to mitigate the risks we face, which include progressing the public appointment process to develop our capacity.

Our accounts demonstrate that SCoSS is continuing to spend public money in an effective and responsible manner that is bringing about positive change for those who receive social security assistance.

The SCoSS Board has reviewed this report and is satisfied that it provides an accurate account of its work and finances over the period.

Judith Paterson & Dr Mark Simpson
Acting Co-Chairs of the SCoSS Board

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