Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2024-25

The Scottish Commission on Social Security's 2024-25 Stakeholder Engagement Strategy


Gathering and analysing stakeholder’s experiences and views are key to ensuring that the Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS) robustly interrogates regulations and Our Charter commitments. Stakeholders, including disabled people, people who claim devolved benefits, carers and the organisations who represent them, can often identify the existing challenges inherent in a system and potential problems that would arise following a change. These experiences and views should have an influence on the decisions that SCoSS makes and the scrutiny reports we publish.

A robust strategy for engaging with people who use social security and representative organisations also enables SCoSS to provide evidence to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament that we have engaged effectively with these groups as part of the scrutiny process. This strategy also represents the renewed commitment of SCoSS to engage effectively, inclusively and sensitively with people who have experience of Social Security Scotland and the Scottish benefit system.  This strategy sets out how we will obtain feedback on our scrutiny work.

To achieve these goals, this stakeholder engagement strategy outlines objectives and priorities to ensure the involvement of a variety of stakeholders in the work of SCoSS with the aim of effective, appropriate and consistent engagement.

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