Date: 20 April 2023
Time: 13:30
Venue: Social Security Scotland, Dundee


  • Judith Paterson (Acting Co-Chair)
  • Dr Mark Simpson (Acting Co-Chair)
  • Marilyn Howard (Member)


  • Stephen Herbert, Secretary
  • Andrew Strong, Head of Policy and Scrutiny
  • Andrzej Hagger, Analysis and Participation Officer
  • Christopher Galloway, Analysis and Participation Support Officer
  • Dorothy Warren, Governance and Engagement Officer
  • Lisa Kinnear, Service Support Administrator
  • Graeme Hill, Audit Advisor

The Acting Co-Chair, Judith Paterson, welcomed the Board to the meeting.  Members did not have any relevant interests to declare.

The Minutes of the March Board meeting, subject to some minor amendments, were agreed.

In attendance—

  • David Wallace, Chief Executive, Social Security Scotland;
  • Susan Scotland, Deputy Director, DG Community, Scottish Government
  • Kirsty Craig, Head of Client Services Operations, Social Security Scotland
  • Catherine Reeves, Head of Briefing and Engagement, Social Security Scotland

The Board had a wide-ranging discussion with officials from Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government regarding the work of Social Security Scotland.  Prior to the Board meeting, Members observed the Social Security Scotland Client Delivery Team handle calls from individuals seeking to apply for devolved benefits and also the work of the Local Delivery Team providing devolved benefit advice and support at Ninewells Hospital.

The Board discussed the scrutiny process and timescale for reporting on the draft regulations.

The Board considered correspondence from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and agreed to invite to the EHRC and Scottish Human Rights Commission to a future Board meeting.

The Board discussed the scrutiny process and timescale for reporting on the draft regulations.

The Board considered and agreed, subject to amendments, a draft Business Plan.  The Board also agreed that the draft Business Plan be provided to the Scottish Government Sponsor Unit for comment.

The Board discussed recent changes to the composition of the Scottish Government and the Social Justice and Social Security (SJSS) Committee.  The Board agreed to write to the new Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice and the new Convener of the SJSS Committee.

The Board considered the content of discussion taken earlier in the meeting under Agenda Item Three.

The Board agreed meeting dates for Board meetings to the end of 2023.

Meeting closed at – 16:33

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 31 May

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