Framework Document

Framework document between the Scottish Commission on Social Security (SCoSS) and the Scottish Government, setting out the broad framework within which SCoSS operates.


Relationship between Scottish Government and
the Scottish Commission on Social Security

Effective strategic engagement between the SG and SCoSS is essential in order that they work together as effectively as possible to assist the SG in maintaining and improving public services and deliver improved outcomes. Both the SG and SCoSS will take all necessary steps to ensure that their relationship is developed and supported in line with the jointly agreed principles set out in the statement on ‘Strategic Engagement between the Scottish Government and Scotland’s NDPBs’. Agreements on the details of working arrangements will be set out in Memoranda of Understanding and other documentation, as appropriate.

The SG will work to ensure it givesSCoSS as much time as possible to scrutinise draft regulations and will strive to share drafts and provide information as early as possible to allow SCoSS to seek and obtain clarification from relevant policy officials.

The SG will respond to reports on proposals for regulations from SCoSS to ensure the delivery of a social security service which is human rights based, and in line with the principles of the Act. If SG proceeds to lay regulations before SCoSS has been able to report, it will issue a statement explaining why it is appropriate to lay the regulations on this basis.

The SG will provide access to relevant information within reasonable timescales for use by SCoSS in accordance with the ‘Memorandum of Understanding on the Handing of Information Shared Between the Two Authorities’. The SG will provide additional explanation or assistance if required to interpret this information.

The SG will provide SCoSS with the staff and resources it needs to carry out its functions, as required by paragraph 11 of Schedule 1 of the Act.  An operating budget will be set annually as part of the SG’s normal budget process.

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